Monthly Archives: August 2020

Toyota To Body shops: OEM Position Statements Are A Direct Order, And Why That Matters

  An issue with the auto collision repair and the insurance industry seems to be the notion that OEM repair procedures are merely recommendations. They are not. Toyota procedures are based on best practice and company research. It is important that customers know this. Toyota has repair information for technicians in two different online locations […]

GM: How Bad Auto Body Repair Can Affect Your Safety Systems

  Your car has safety systems, known universally as ADAS- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These cover everything from ABS brakes to Electronic Stability Control and up to more complex systems like lane departure warning systems and auto-braking.   All of these systems rely on very sophisticated computers. They get their information from very advanced cameras […]

More Insurers Using Photo Estimates In 2020 And Why That May Be Bad For You

  If you’ve just been in an accident, you may have been asked by your insurance company to submit a photo estimate. In order to do so, you may have had to download an app built by your insurance company, or you may have submitted photos online.   What happens next is some sci-fi technology […]

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